unknown egypt

What protective measures should you take on a trip to Egypt?

During a trip to Egypt, it is advisable to bring protection against intense sunlight, such as sunscreen with UV filter, sunglasses, and a hat. Additionally, mosquito repellents and antihistamine medications may be useful due to local conditions. Remember to pack waterproof sandals for the beach and shoes for walking on hot sand. Portable first aid kits with basic medicines, bandages, and remedies for stomach issues are also important. REad more

What attractions does Unknown Egypt offer?

Unknown Egypt entices travelers not only with mysterious pyramids and ancient monuments but also with undiscovered gems. In the fascinating city of Al Minya, one can explore mysterious tombs inscribed with hieroglyphs that tell the stories of forgotten dynasties. A journey to the Siwa Oasis offers unique spa experiences in hot springs and picturesque desert views. The charming city of Asyut, located on the Nile, surprises visitors with local festivals and traditional craftsmanship. An expedition to the Farasan Islands, an undiscovered paradise in the Red Sea, offers white beaches, coral reefs, and extraordinary marine life. Unknown Egypt is not just a journey through time but also showcases breathtaking landscapes and undiscovered treasures of nature.

What should you keep in mind before going on a trip to Egypt?


Before traveling to Egypt, it is essential to consider a few important aspects. Firstly, check current safety information and the political situation in the region. It is recommended to update vaccinations, especially against diseases like yellow fever and typhoid.The climate in Egypt is hot, so dress appropriately and use high SPF sunscreens. Drinking water should be purchased in sealed bottles. Before the trip, consult with a doctor regarding malaria prevention or other insect-borne diseases. Remember to have the necessary travel documents, such as a passport and visa. Exercise caution when using public transportation or exploring tourist spots to avoid risky situations.